Customs Brokerage

Thanks to globalization and the open, modern world we live in, at any given moment, a great deal of products and freight are brought in or shipped out of a seaport or airport somewhere in the world. To send out or bring in imported goods, you’ll need to go through one more step involving a lot of bureaucracy: customs clearance. We can help you avoid the headache involved in working with customs officers and completing endless forms. We’ll do all of that for you, as part of the customs brokerage services we provide.

So, what is customs brokerage?

Your accountant faithfully represents you at the income tax offices, and your attorney represents you when signing contracts with other companies. Likewise, the Olforyou team will be your professional representative at the customs office. Whether you’re an importer or an exporter, we’ll represent you when working with all of the customs authorities. Both importing and exporting involves preparing lots of paperwork and completing forms, which are required for classifying goods according to various tax parameters and taxing the goods accordingly. The customs broker is also responsible for handling any payments required for exporting or releasing freight from Israeli customs after it arrives in Israel. This way, you can avoid the headache of having extra tasks to handle, which aren’t particularly pleasant to deal with at your business. If they aren’t handled properly, you could be setting yourself up for problems.

What should you look for in a customs broker?

When choosing a customs broker, you should make sure the broker has the necessary certification from the Israeli customs and V.A.T. authorities and that the broker is well-versed in the process and all of the bureaucracy tied to maritime or aerial freight shipment, as well as receiving and releasing the freight from the customs authorities. The customs broker should be knowledgeable of how freight is classified, and what payments are required for each type of good, in order to reduce costs. With time, experienced customs brokers make connections with global forwarding companies, and get the best aerial, maritime or overland forwarding contracts for their customers.

Customs brokerage: just one of the many services we offer!

At Olforyou, we offer a suite of services that covers all of the stages you need to go through when importing or exporting products. Customs brokerage is one of the services included in our service suite. We are highly experienced in customs brokerage and very familiar with freight classification and how the authorities should be dealt with. We’ll also get the best possible shipping terms for you. We’ll find suitable suppliers, and we’ll be at your side to help you with international trade and expanding your market worldwide.

Confused about customs clearance? Are forms, paperwork, bureaucracy and payments stopping you from importing or exporting goods? The Olforyou team is here to help you with any question or request.

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