Locating Suppliers

Want to expand your business, and create competition through parallel importing? Would you prefer focusing on importing a specific product or product series?

Seeking an overseas firm that can manufacture the product you’ve developed?

One of the most critical steps on your path to success is finding the right suppliers.

The best suppliers will supply you with high-quality goods. There should be good chemistry between you and your supplier, and your supplier should make sense financially, too.

If you dig deep, you’ll realize that things aren’t as simple as they seem, and that you’ll need a professional to steer you toward the right supplier.

Locating suppliers based on your parameters

There is a wide array of options available when locating suppliers. When we work, we go into the finest details to make sure you get the best supplier for your needs.

  • Locating suppliers based on global location – within specific countries and cities

  • Locating suppliers based on the supplier’s area of expertise (manufacturing, exporting, distributing, etc.)
  • Locating a supplier based on their industry, to the extent that the supplier can specialize and focus on a specific product
  • Locating suppliers or firms of a particular size or turnover

Before starting to locate suppliers, we’ll schedule a meeting with you, so that you can tell us your expectations of the supplier or suppliers you’re seeking, including prices and deadlines, which form the basis for a solid work relationship.After that, we’ll start working on locating your supplier. With our numerous connections at companies, exporters and distributers all around the world, we can help you find your ideal supplier quickly and accurately.

Why locate your suppliers with us?

Today, many websites give you the option to type in a few parameters so that a supplier can be located. They will give you several possible fits, with their contact information.Yes, this might end up working, but you won’t be sure you’ve made the right choice until after having started working with the supplier.

We’ve been in this industry for years.We’ve developed a network of contacts and personal relationships with suppliers in a variety of fields. These suppliers range in size, and the list includes companies that will manufacture goods for from scratch, as well as merchants, exporters and importers from various industrial and commercial sectors.

Experience and reliability often go hand in hand, and for a supplier, and particularly one located overseas, reliability is paramount. By locating your supplier through us, you can rest assured that your supplier or manufacturer is fully reliable.

Conducting negotiations and closing the best possible deal for you

Of course, locating the best supplier is only the first step. Next, we’ll negotiate with the supplier to clinch the best possible deal for you, and that includes the best shipping terms.

Ready to expand your business overseas?

Would you like to import products, or find a manufacturer that will produce your company’s products?

At Olforyou, we’ll deal with locatinga supplier that will be the best fit for you, and get you the best possible deal.

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