Whether you are a new or veteran importer or exporter, we at Olforyou International make sure your organization gets the best and most extensive solution. We are a one-stop shop promising you professional and reliable service that no one can compete with. We provide you with the full range of services – A to Z.

A. Import regulations, product classification, import requirements and import calculation:

This is the first and most critical phase of the importing process, since it determines whether it’s economically profitable to import the product, considering all the costs of importing.

Import calculation

We help you, as an importer, to calculate all of the costs associated with importing the process, including the cost of the product, the cost of international shipping (and the feasibility of maritime/air shipping), customs duties, V.A.T. and various other fees, as well as the cost of obtaining preliminary import certificates and more, based on a fixed formula.

– Import regulations, customs and standardization

We help you, as an importer, with the entire process of dealing with regulations:

– Correctly and accurately classifying the product at the customs office, andhandling the product’s import requirements based on its classification. The import formula is known ahead of time.

– Preliminary import certificates

Preparing preliminary import certificates for various government offices (if needed):

– The Ministry of Health: import certificate, product certificate, preparing labels the comply with the 2020 product labeling standard;

–The Ministry of Transportation: Merchant licenses for motor vehicle products, manufacturer licenses the Ministry of Communication The Israel Israel Institute of Standards;

The Ministry of Economy and Industry;

The Ministry of Agriculture, and more.

B. International commerce – locating suppliers, control and oversight – for ordering products, import & export

The stage at which you find the best suppliers is the most important stage of the import process, when you find the goods that optimally meet the requirements of your organization.

We make sure that the supplier is reliable and of high caliber, and that the supplier can provide you with all the necessary paperwork for complying with the State of Israel’s import requirements.

We also provide control and oversight services applying to new and current suppliers, to ensure that the entire process is performed properly.

– Locating factories in the Far East which can manufacture a product from scratch, based on a production drawing.

Our company provides services for locating manufacturers in the Far East who only need a production drawing to manufacture and assemble the product, completing the manufacturing process from the initial stages to the finished product stage.

Our company also relocates production facilities from Israel to the Far East, and the service includes shipping of various goods via bulk carrier, Flexitank, ISO tank or regular container (OPEN TOP FLAT CNTR)

C. Sale terms and negotiations stage (INCOTERMS 2020).

We will acquire a sample of the product so that it can be checked.

We manage the negotiations with the supplier or manufacturer on your behalf, and settle those terms to provide you with the best possible terms for your business, including the choice of container type, the method used to load the goods into the container (boxes or pallets),and incoterms, including payment terms (cash), in order to process the best and most financially worthwhile purchase order for you.

D.Shipping and international forwarding

We support you, the importer, by contacting anyone defined as an importer or exporter, or anyone interested in importing or exporting in Israel or abroad.

Our company provides an extensive, complete, “one-stop-shop style” solution with professional and reliable service that outpaces the competition.

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