Global Forwarding

In the past, only large companies dealt with global forwarding, but this is no longer the case today. Not only has the import-export business developed considerably; individuals and smaller companies have today become importers of various products. The gates of international trade are now open to many who had never thought of working in the field. As such, the global forwarding industry has also evolved, and it now offers various options that could also work for those importing goods in smaller quantities. The efficiency and speed of international forwarding have also come a long way.

What does international forwarding consist of?

Other than shipping products from one country to another, overseas forwarding involves other activities that occur before and after shipping. Forwarding includes shipping the products from their place of origin to seaports or airports. Products are packaged so that they can remain intact during their long journey. Customs and other state authorities must also be dealt with. It’s clear that all of these activities are designed to ensure that the imported products reach you quickly and are intact upon arrival.

Different types of shipping

Today, various options are available for global shipping. It’s important to find the forwarding method most suitable to the type of shipping involved. One of the most common forms of shipping is maritime shipping, particularly for large products, such as motor vehicles. Air shipping is more suitable for other products, particularly more sensitive products that must arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. Usually, international forwarding includes several types of shipping, such as overland transportation of products from the supplier to the seaport or airport, and additional overland transportation to bring the product directly to you or to the customer who purchased the product from you.

Many sides are involved in global forwarding

Global forwarding is a complex process requiring cooperation between many different companies and people, such as maritime or aerial freight companies, shipping companies, companies that package products before shipment, drivers, and those who handle all the red tape tied to forwarding. Often, the forwarding process requires us to deal with challenges and find solutions to unexpected situations. That’s why it’s best to let the professionals do this for you, and make sure you get the shipping terms that are right for you.

Global forwarding as part of our service package

One of the services you receive in our service package is full responsibility for global forwarding. We will get you the shipping terms that are best suited to your needs and to the product. We’ll make sure all those involved in the process are reliable and reputable firms who work professionally and quickly. Since we are the ones dealing with all shipping matters, you can be sure you’ll also get the best price for the service. It is virtually impossible to get such prices if you work directly with the shipping companies.

Any questions about global forwarding? Do you want to know more about how these things work? The Olforyou team will answer all your questions.

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