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Locating Suppliers

Want to expand your business, and create competition through parallel importing? Would you prefer focusing on importing a specific product or product series? Seeking an overseas firm that can manufacture the product you’ve developed? One of the most critical steps

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Obtaining Import Licenses

Under the Free Import Order Law, the State of Israel gives every citizen the right to import products from any country in the world with which Israel has diplomatic relations. Any product may be imported, unless the import of the

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Global Forwarding

In the past, only large companies dealt with global forwarding, but this is no longer the case today. Not only has the import-export business developed considerably; individuals and smaller companies have today become importers of various products. The gates of

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Customs Brokerage

Thanks to globalization and the open, modern world we live in, at any given moment, a great deal of products and freight are brought in or shipped out of a seaport or airport somewhere in the world. To send out

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Support for Distribution

The last step of the export chain is the essentially the reason you did all of the things you needed to do, like locate suppliers, obtain licenses and permits from the various government agencies, and more: the stage where you

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International Commerce

Whether your company is large or small, whether it has been is the market for years, or is just taking its first steps, international trade – including importing and exporting – is now relevant to everyone, not just the larger,

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Import/export is one of the most important forms of business activity today. Because of globalization, the open world we live in, and the ability to order products through global websites in just a few clicks,mostly domestic trade has become global.

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