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The law allows any citizen or resident of the State of Israel to import up to two vehicles for personal importation for private needs. The advantage of importing a personal car becomes significant if you want to import a luxury car, since you can find huge differences in cost due to the high fees charged by the official importer. However, it is important to note that this is a complex and complicated process that is full of bureaucracy and requires much more than filling out forms. And this is perhaps the reason why many avoid importing themselves.


Personal import car agencies


The differences in the prices offered by authorized importers and those offered by personal import agents are enormous. And the difference in costs can be very significant in amounts of over NIS 150,000 and even more.


The best and fastest way to do personal import independently is through a personal import agency. A professional and skilled agent will save you time and save you fees.


Which car models can and should be imported to Israel by personal importation

 Any vehicle can be imported from Europe, provided that the vehicle manufacturer has an agreement with a licensed importer in Israel for support and service for the vehicle. It is also possible to import vehicles from countries such as the USA and Canada.

In personal import – you can import family cars, executive cars and sports and off-road vehicles. In addition, it is possible to import special models that the official importers do not import.


What model year can be purchased?


A vehicle can be purchased from the current calendar year, from the previous model year and from the next model year, provided that no more than 24 months have passed from the date of the vehicle’s manufacture to its registration in Israel.


Car import taxes


In personal imports, the subject of taxation is a complex matter that depends on various international trade agreements, it is important to take into account all car tax rates. If you chose to import a vehicle that is not on the list of authorized countries, you will be forced to pay an additional tax or if you chose a luxury vehicle, you will also be forced to pay an additional tax. In fact, the tax rate depends on the value of the vehicle.

Another regulation of the Tax Authority allows for a significant tax discount on hybrid cars for personal import.

Personal import process of a car in Israel

The process of importing a car is a complex process that involves contact with several authorities, it is advisable to verify the following details in order to simplify the procedure and end it quickly:

Israeli driver’s license

The applicant must return a valid Israeli driver’s license in the appropriate grade for the type of vehicle requested.

Type of vehicle

It must be verified that these are the types of vehicles listed in the instruction of the procedure. and confirm a few months from the production time.

Submitting an application for a car import license is done through an online application form for a car with personal import.

The imported vehicle must successfully pass the tests of the standardization department, a licensing test and the installation of safety systems. To submit the application for a temporary vehicle license


Make sure that the intended vehicle has not been damaged abroad so that it will not be registered in Israel.

stability control system

Make sure that the vehicle is equipped with a stability control system (ESP), according to the technical specifications of the vehicle as well as according to an indicator light on the dashboard.

normality requirements

It will be clarified that it is possible to import a vehicle that is manufactured to US federal standards or to Canadian standards, even if it is manufactured outside of NAFTA countries as indicated in the procedure instruction.

assistance and help

A personal import vehicle importer can enter into a written brokerage agreement, as detailed in section 70(a) of the Law on Licensing Services and Professions in the Automotive Industry, 1956, 2016, with a valid personal import broker license holder, for the purpose of consulting, training or locating a vehicle, for the purpose of contracting parties in a transaction For the purchase of a vehicle in a foreign country and the importation of the vehicle.

Technical changes

Make sure that no structural changes have been made to the vehicle.

Payment for the vehicle and the taxes imposed on it

The importer must pay the price for the vehicle himself to the supplier of the vehicle in a foreign country and not by or through a third party, as well as the taxes imposed on the vehicle.


Payment of fee

Submitting the application involves paying a fee. Payment is made upon completion of filling out the online form through the government payment service.

Ownership transfer limit

It should be known that a personal importation vehicle is subject to a 12-month ownership transfer limit.

To release the imported vehicle, it is necessary to present a valid driver’s license, original purchase invoice and certificates that include the details of the vehicle, year of manufacture, engine volume, engine and chassis number, extras installed in the vehicle, transport and insurance bill, import license and other certificates.

To obtain an import license for a private car imported to Israel, the buyer must present a certificate from the official importer in Israel, representing the manufacturer of the imported vehicle.

With the importer’s approval, it will be stated that he is able to provide service to the imported vehicle



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