International Commerce

Whether your company is large or small, whether it has been is the market for years, or is just taking its first steps, international trade – including importing and exporting – is now relevant to everyone, not just the larger, well-established companies that have already exhausted the current options for commerce within Israel. The global market is also open to small firms and businesses, as well as globally-minded individuals who want to import products Israeli consumers would be interested in, or market their products in various markets overseas.

International trade – combining opportunity with complexity

No matter how open or globalized markets become, international commerce is gradually becoming more complex, necessitating more interaction with state authorities and requiring more effort to find suppliers or customers. The Olforyou team will help you with each stage of the process and with all the tasks you’ll need to perform when expanding your business to the international market.

Is international commerce right for your company?

The first thing you’ll need to do when thinking about international commerce is thoroughly assess whether it’s worthwhile for your company to go global. It might seem like an appealing and promising endeavor, but there are still industries or companies which, in their current state, are well-advised to keep their business within Israel. Not every company is mature or established enough to spearhead a process as involved as expanding its activities globally. The process requires an investment of resources. You’ll also need to assess the specific market the company operates in, to identify industry trends, and to determine how stable or volatile the market is. 

The right directions for your market

You should also assess which markets you should target when directing your international business efforts. Many entrepreneurs rush into catering to the more affluent parts of the world, such as Western countries, but you should bear in mind that this part of the world may already be saturated, making it less inclined to take interest in your product. Developing markets, though, might allow you to grow and expand more substantially.

Finding the business model that’s right for you

There are various ways to operate in international markets. Are you interested in mergers and acquisitions? Are you operating as a “lone wolf”, or are you working in collaboration with others, or with a particular local player? You’ll need to assess the risks involved in each business model, in view of the opportunities they present. You should evaluate how much you can expect to earn with each business model. Even after you’ve taken the first step and broken into the international market, you had better be ready for any development, and constantly assess whether the way you’ve chosen to operate is the best and most lucrative for you.

Safely breaking into the international market, with us at your side

At Olforyou, we’ll support you all along the way as you break into international trade. We’ll help with the import chain, finding suppliers and securing the best terms for your business dealings with them, and obtaining import licenses. If you’re an exporter, we’ll help you break into the most suitable markets for your productsand help market them abroad.

Are you confident in your product? Do you want it to go global? Is the Israeli market too small for you? We’ll set you in the right direction and down the right path as you begin your journey.

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