Support for Distribution

The last step of the export chain is the essentially the reason you did all of the things you needed to do, like locate suppliers, obtain licenses and permits from the various government agencies, and more: the stage where you distribute and sell your products in Israel or in other markets elsewhere in the world. This step concludes the import process and determines whether it was all worth it. The Olforyou team will support you at this stage as well, as you start distributing your product. Using our contacts and knowledge, we’ll help you reach potential customers with the widest possible reach, as quickly as possible.

Consulting on importing and marketing products

Today, the decision to import a product can be made by the CEO of a large company, or by a private individual. These days, the market is open. The process your overseas consumers complete to order your products is child’s play. It’s also technically easier than ever before for an importer to contract with suppliers, or connect with customers, and ship products from one country to another. Still, importing is a complex process that requires a lot of forethought at the outset. You’ll need to examine the idea from every angle and decide how worthwhile it is. If you decide to go ahead with it, you’ll need to decide who to work with. Which suppliers will you buy your goods from? What are the best international shipping terms for you? You’ll need to comply with all customs requirements, which involve a lot of bureaucracy. Once that’s done, you’ll need to act wisely and correctly to ensure that your product reaches as many consumers as possible. We offer you a suite of services that handle each stage of the import process mentioned above, ending with support for distributing your product.

Choose a company that’s best for you, to keep at your side

Your most crucial task, when it comes to importing the product or distributing it afterwards, is to choose the right company, a company you’ll work with, that will support you the whole way. Knowledge and experience working with shipping firms, government authorities, Israeli marketing chains or various organizations abroad are critical factors in determining whether the process succeeds. Olforyou International is highly experienced at all of the stages and activities in the import process. We’ll advise you on how to get started as animporter, we’ll help you with customs clearance and international shipping, and at the end of the process, we’ll even help market and distribute your products.

Do you want to import products? Need some advice?
Do you need help distributing a product you’ve imported to potential customers in Israel or abroad? We here for you, to help with any of your questions.

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